About US

Our company was set up as a section of repairs in the thermo-electric power station of Brazi, since 1961, when this one was built.

In 1982, in accordance with the State Council decree 92/1982, the section becomes an independent enterprise under the name: The Complex Brigade of Constructions and Assembly and Repairs of Power Stations, this sections develops its activity in the following thermo-electric power stations: Brazi, Doiceşti, Giurgiu, Halanga and many others.

After 1990, it becomes private, named REMERO FIL S.A.

During this period, over 40 years of its establishment until now, our team of specialists fully insured maintenance, intervention and prevention of damage liquidation, 24 hours of 24 (including holidays) rapid response in max. 2 hours after telephone or written request and repair of all aggregates energy power plants in Romania.

Starting with 1990 REMERO FIL S.A. has developed its activity for PETROTEL LUKOIL (having permanently an organisation of workshop-building inside of the CET section territory), and PETROM ( actual OMV-PETROM ).

Over these years we have executed works of capital repairs, erections, current repairs, maintenances and interventions for all CET section equipment. In the last few years REMERO FIL S.A. has executed the following: repairs, manufactures and erection “from zero” for OMV- PETROM and PETROTEL- LUKOIL such as: pipe lines, valves, vessels, boilers, fittings, power engines up to 10MW power, transformers up to 240MVA, power installations on low and high tension, stations and power networks of 6KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, rubberized pipe lines and reservoirs, steam turbines, generators for steam turbines and gas turbines.