Servicii RomeroFil


  • Repairs, assembling, confections, recondition, maintenance for energetic and electromechanical equipments
  • Steam turbines: rotors, blades, bearings, parkings, diaphragms and their supports, housing, control valves, stop valves, bypass valves, stud blots etc.
  • Hydraulic turbines: bearings, reconditioning of rotors by welding, water injectors
  • Turbo-and Electro-feed pumps
  • Hydrodynamic couplings, elastic coupling, claws or bolts couplings, powder couplings
  • All types of pipes
  • Channel components for air, air with coal powder and for exhaust gas
  • Air and exhaust gas fans: rotors, casings, blades, bearings
  • Steam boilers: economizer, vaporizer, superheaters, air-preheaters, fittings, burners (for gas, fuel-oil or coal), valves, soot blowers, grates, chain types kratezerus
  • Centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps
  • Gear pumps, piston pumps
  • Heat exchangers: tube bunches, front plates, housings
  • Speed reducers or multipliers, speed variators air compressors
  • Coiling for electrical motors up to 10 MW and 10 KV
  • Electrical generators up to 300 MW and 15 KV
  • Electric power stations
  • Power transformers up to 240 MVA